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Tracy Poizner


Holiopathic Medicine

Holiopathic medicine is a holistic approach to wellness that offers an alternative to the world of medicinal side-effects and long-term dependency. Tracy is passionate about helping people access their natural self-healing capacities and has spent 20 years seeking the best treatments to support nature's work. Bach Flower Remedies, Cell Salts and Gemmotherapy are among the safe, effective and inexpensive medicines that are the backbone of her common-sense approach to wellness. She believes homeopathic medicine is the most deeply healing modality when it comes to chronic health issues, emotional problems and developmental challenges.

Tracy has a special interest in helping parents become self-reliant home healers, learning which natural medicines to reach for first - for babies, older children and even for themselves! She hosts a monthly meeting group here at the store on the first Tuesday of every month called Grand River Holistic Parenting and Family Wellness. She invites other local practitioners and experts in different fields to speak on topics of interest to those new to a natural lifestyle, as well as parents who are already committed to making healthy choices for their families. This is a great way to meet like-minded parents in your community, and of course babies are welcome too!

Tracy is available at the store every Tuesday and alternate Saturdays. She offers a FREE 15 minute consultation to all new clients, so if you have been wondering if holiopathic medicine is right for you, drop in to see her!

You can also book an appointment with Tracy by contacting her directly at 519-635-1656 or by email at heal@tracypoizner.com.


Email: heal@tracypoizner.com
Phone: 519 635 1656
Online: www.tpoiznerhomeopath.com


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