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First Day Jitters

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 10:05 pm

What feelings do you have when you think about the first day of school? Were you the kind of kid who couldn't sleep the night before from sheer excitement, or the one who cried all morning and couldn't be persuaded to leave the house?

Kids come in all types when it comes to tolerance for new experiences. Of course it makes a big difference if it is a return to a new grade at the same school they attended already last year, or if it is a brand new experience. Perhaps there has been a move to a new neighbourhood or even a new city. Does your child have friends who will be at the same school, or in the class?

As a holistic practitioner, I am always interested in how a child responds to new situations and new people. This is a crucial bit of information that helps me choose the very best medicine for seemingly unrelated problems with digestion, skin, sleep or immunity.

Here are some natural remedies you can consider to help soothe an overexcited nervous system and help make that first day a joyous time! it's important for your child to be able to rely on your calm and reassuring presence when they are nervous, so if you need some help to ground yourself, see if one of these might feel right for you!

Rescue Remedy is a wonderful product that should be in every home healer's medicine chest. This is a combination of Bach Flower remedies, which are gentle infusions of single flowers known for their special emotional correspondance. Rescue Remedy helps calm anyone who is anxious or agitated, either before an anticipated event, or after a fright. Put 4 drops into a water bottle or sippy cup and sip as needed. You can repeat as often as required, and this is suitable for all ages.

The Cell Salt called Kali Phos is great for kids who get so overstimulated by all the excitement at school that they just can't sleep. 2 little pills will melt immediatly in the mouth, helping soothe the nervous system and promote restful sleep. This can safely be repeated after 15 minutes 2 or 3 times as needed.

Encourage belly breathing, or "balloon breathing". Have your child breathe in and out through the nose, filling up the belly slowly with air so it rises and falls. This kind of breathing sends signals to the nervous system to activate its calming cycle. If you put your hand very gently on your child's forehead while they do this, it will enhance the calming effect.

Have a wonderful First Day, wherever you are headed!


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