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Expert Tips on Eating Gluten-Free

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 10:40 am

One in 100 Canadians will be diagnosed with celiac disease, most not until their 50's, so imagine all the health problems that could be avoided if only they knew earlier what was causing their indigestion, constipation, headaches, psoriasis, anemia or other mysterious problems! A celiac blood test costs $60 and can be requested from your family doctor. The difficulty is that you have to be eating gluten-containing foods for 4-8 weeks in order for it to show up on the test and many people already know that they don't do well with the gluten.

One alternative is to take a intolerance blood test that Tania performs in her office. This will indicate if you are intolerant or unable to digest gluten, as well as many other foods on the list.
We have to be really careful in how we go about changing our diet in order to be successful sticking with it for the long term. Tania shared her own struggles with giving up wheat and dairy products, and how she needed to see what happened when she really overdid it to be convinced that she would have to change her eating habits for good. She suggests going slowly and taking lots of time to make changes.
Taking care to read the labels of "gluten-free" products will help to ensure you consume only those that are healthy! Some unreputable name brands use cheap ingredients, catering to what has become a fad in healthy eating but not really providing much nutrition. Incorporating a diet rich in organic fruits and veggies, changing your eating habits to limit the carbohydrates and grain-based foods in moderation and including probiotics which are so important to helping with digestion of all the foods we eat.

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