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Name: Michael Luckhai
Role: Co-founder and owner
About: Over seven years ago, Michael Luckai's background as a registered nutritional consultant led him to co-found Healthy Foods & More with his business partner, Shannon. As a former employee of The Natural Food Market, his vision of a full service health food store with an in-house gluten-free bakery, organic produce market, and supplement section grew into the existing store. His knowledge of whole foods is extensive which enables him to track those hard-to-fnd items for our customers and he welcomes special orders to fill dietary needs.
Customer service is of utmost importance to Michael; he welcomes any suggestions, questions and feedback.
At HF&M, we are here for you!

Name: Shannon Hayek
Role: Co-founder and owner
About: As the co-owner of Waterloo's largest gluten-free in-store bakery, Shannon Hayek is always ready with a smile and a salutation for our HF&M customers. His dedication to service and his desire to bring quality ingredients to our succulent lunch creations and decadent desserts is evident in the very first bite!
Vegan, vegetarian, and meat options are consistently offered in his weekly menu plans to ensure that every dietary need is supported in order to serve our customers best.
Shannon welcomes your comments and suggestions as he continues to refine recipes and offer the best gluten-free in-store service in all of Waterloo Region.


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